Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#9 Can the Patriots run the ball the way they did against the Ravens?

Yes, it wasn’t an amazing showing, but the Patriots did run the ball pretty well against a tough Ravens defense. BenJarvus Green-Ellis averaged 4.5 yards per carry and had a few powerful runs, one being a touchdown. Green-Ellis is an interesting runner. He hasn’t had too much success this year as the Patriots lead back, but has had some games where he’s completely dominated. In the regular season game against the Giants, Green-Ellis took 12 carries for 52 yards, so he’ll need to improve on that. It seems that the Ravens caught on to the Aaron Hernandez act, so it will most likely be up to Green-Ellis and a little bit of Danny Woodhead in the Super Bowl. The Giants gave up 121.3 yards per game this season, and let both the Packers and 49ers run wild on them. Their front four are focused on getting to their quarterback and the linebackers have not done a great job this year, so Green-Ellis has a nice matchup. Also, it’s interesting to note that the Giants gave up 102 yards to Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith combined on 14 rushes. While Tom Brady is not a mobile quarterback by any means, he should have a mindset to win by all means necessary, even if it’s to run. The Giants need to watch out for the quarterback.

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