Friday, January 27, 2012

#6 Is Another Choke in Store?

The theme of championship weekend was who could choke the game away. With two incredibly close and competitive games, it came down to two big plays that were blown by two individuals. Billy Cundiff shanked a chip shot field goal that would have sent the Ravens into overtime, while Kyle Williams muffed two punts, leading to ten points for the Giants. One of the punts gave the Giants the field position for their winning field goal in overtime. Both the Patriots and Giants are teams that have mental toughness and good coaching, so one would not expect a choke to happen. But did anyone expect these chokes either? The Ravens and 49ers are coached by the Harbaugh brothers, two coaches that preach discipline and fundamentals. While you can’t necessarily blame it on the coaches, it was still a shock. It’s a shame that the two games ended the way they did, so hopefully it doesn’t happen. But who knows, maybe Cundiff and Williams are foreshadowing the ultimate choke?

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