Sunday, January 29, 2012

#5 Has Eli lost his magic in the fourth quarter, or was the NFC championship game just a fluke?

During the game against San Francisco, the stage was set for Manning. He had the opportunity to take his team on a drive at the end to win it, something he has done so many times this year, and to my surprise, he was not successful. Manning actually had about four or five of those opportunities in the fourth quarter and overtime in which he did not lead his team down the field to win the game, and the Giants lucked out by having Kyle Williams fumble the ball. Although Manning has had a lot of success in the playoffs, he has yet to be put in a situation where he needs to win the game and came through. Eli has done it so many times this year, once against the Patriots, so I find it hard to believe that he has lost his magic. I would chalk it up to him playing against a stingy and disciplined defense that brought a lot of pressure and knocked him around all day. Nonetheless, Manning is an elite and clutch quarterback who should thrive against the Patriots, especially in the fourth quarter. Don’t be surprised if we see Super Bowl XLII all over again.

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