Thursday, February 2, 2012

#1 Will Brady and Belichick let the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl again?

This is the biggest question of them all. The Giants match up well with the Patriots. They have a high powered offense that can throw on their weak secondary, as well as a scary pass rush that seems to be the only thing that can stop Brady. However, with the kind of player Brady is and the kind of coach Belichick is, it’s hard to imagine them letting the Giants beat them in the Super Bowl again. The duo is the best quarterback-coach tandem in the NFL, and they have created some magical seasons together. It is not very often that the Patriots lose two games in a row, but they did lose back-to-back games this season, the second coming against the Giants. Now, knowing what happened in Super Bowl 42 and what happened earlier on in the season, Belichick and Brady will surely know that things must be done differently in order to beat the Giants. Like I said, the Giants match up well with the Patriots, but the killer B’s will do everything in the power to stop them. The Patriots will need to get crafty to this win, so we’ll see if Belichick has one more trick up his sleeve.

Check back tomorrow for my final Super Bowl Preview!

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